Kpale request money to repost people contents but ask for free repost when it is his event – Sir White Ent.

If we ask for pay before reposting contents like Kpale… – Sir White

Kpale request money to repost people’s contents – Sir White Ent. (Kuje, FCT, Abuja).

The Kuje FCT Abuja Entertainment has been on fire today where as entertainers came out to speak their minds on the Kuje Entertainment Community Platform.

Furthermore; in response to trending post on Niffy9ja Blog by King Moe Vibez topic ‘No Love within Kuje Entertainers‘; in which many came out to voice their opinions including fashionist skit maker ‘Sir White Ent. And Singer Tjacks‘ who pointed out Hypeman Kpale for not posting his fellow colleagues contents.

Sir White Ent has finally expressed his concerns in a voicenote on Kuje Entertainment Community (KEC) and his major points are that even if you were not personally invited to an event in Kuje we should also try do send a DM to the host asking where he or she can come in and as the entertainers don’t pay Gate fees we should try to contribute some money as our support to the host of the event.

in addition; he pointed out Hypeman Kpale for always requesting money to post his fellow colleagues flier/contents but once it is his event he will ask for money before posting anyones fliers/contents, he added that ones it is his (Kpale) personal event he will want everyone to post it at no cost for him.

‘ If everybody dey ask for money before him post how we go take go far says Sir White Ent.’

Finally; this statement got support and backings from Tjacks as he concurred with what Sir White said about Kpale and he dropped his own advice.

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