Love dey but na we dey do pass ourselves – MC Ochetalk response to CEO MOTV Awards

Love dey, na we dey do pass ourselves – MC Ochetalk to CEO MOTV

Talking of lack of love among the entertainers in Kuje FCT Abuja

Nigerain Kuje Base spontanous MC ‘MC Ochetalk had to voice out saying

‘To me we still love ourselves just that some of us don’t follow the due process because we feel we are used to each other.

Most times we the event planners will lie to ourselves and same time we don’t know when to move; don’t know when to accept some support; and also don’t know when the support is due.

Furthermore; will see every opportunity to be opportunity and we strike without knowing if we’re up to it; and when people fail to support you, you cut them off. So sometimes you end up cutting those that are telling you the truth all because you feel they are jealous that is why they don’t want you to take that move you wish to take; and at the end when it fails you feel there is lack of love.

I don’t think their is lack of love, we only fail to listen to those that knows more than us that’s what we’re facing in Kuje Entertainment,
Putting ourselves in a competition with someone that don’t even know you’re in competition with him.

In addition; Before you get to the top you must ask those ahead of you how they have been doing it. their must be a strategy ‘Rome was not built in a day’.

Finally he said, I chatted the CEO MOTV Awards
Some hours to his event asking him for his Order of Programme of event; so I could help him edit it and also some days to the event I still chatted him asking who was his host MC so I cloud advice further but till today no response from Moe Vibez.

‘Love dey but na we dey do pass ourselves’

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