MoTV Awards 2023: Controversy between Kuje Top Singers Nufido and Tjacks

MoTV Award; an Upcoming yearly event in Kuje the heart of Abuja Nigeria; which is set to hold on the 2nd of October, 2023 came under fire online as two nominee’s clashed.

Before we proceed; let me introduce T Jacks who is a fast raising talented singer based in Kuje FCT Abuja, he was nominated by the MoTV Award for the category of Best Artist of the Year 2023.

Nufido; also a fast raising singer with lots of lovely song in which some have turn national anthem in his home town ‘Hulumi’ and FCT at large, with songs like ‘Hulumi and Bolivia’.

Via a Leaked WhatsApp chat between the nominees in a now deleted post made by Nufido BME concerning who actually won the category they were both nominated in.

View Leaked Chat below!

Nufido trying to prove he actually won the Award via his deleted post on his personal Facebook account say:

Moxie TV rejected 500 vote receipts that was forwarded by a fam @ 11:56pm minutes; that time is already off, and they refunded the money to my account. Now T-Jackz sent 5K at around 11:59pm and they called my music manager for a round table discussion, while Nufido’s manager disagreed with them saying the MoTV Awards Given time was already off because they refunded money back to his artist (Nufido) so why can’t they do the same to the other artist said Nufido’s Music Manager.

Singer Tjacks has called this a false news as he would be dropping his own side of the story with Niffy9ja blog soon.


  1. in every contest in life there must always be a winner not 2 or 3 winners so i see no reason why both artist should be going toe to toe over the award i was also nominated and i didn’t win doesn’t mean i have failed in my career neither those it make the winner a better or bigger artist than me so my advice to my fellow contestants is that they accept the results in good faith and focus on working harder in their respective careers cus this is just the begining of the journey.

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