This Kuje Entertainers, No Love – Moe Vibe (CEO MOTV)

This Kuje Entertainers, No Love – Moe Vibe (CEO MOTV Awards) Blows Hot.

Nigerian Entrepreneur based in Kuje FCT Abuja ‘King Moe Vibez’ blows hot as he point fingers on mostly Kuje Entertainers for lack of love and unity within Entertainers in entertainment business inside Kuje.

Furthermore; The MOTV Awards was a successful event which is currently the best award event help in Kuje with standard, and different post keeps popping up from different award winners in memories of the event hosted by Moe Vibe and his Team.

In addition; the CEO of MOTV Awards has taken to his social media status of announce his displeasure in which he posted saying

‘ is this the motherfucking thanks I get? For making my people proud any chance I get? This Kuje Entertainers; No Love, the hate is real, mankind is so jealous. To God be the Glory always! ‘.

Finally; what might be his reasons for making this post, and if you agree with what he says kindly drop your say on the comment section below.


  1. Classifying all kuje entertainers under this post is very wrong of him, because this might get to places you don’t expect which might affect we that don’t even know anything about the issues on ground…so I will advise he goes straight to the point please and stop saying kuje entertainers……He’s not dealing with all the entertainers, so why should all of us bear the insult of being ungrateful to him????

    I hope you understand why I’m saying this
    Unless he really wants to have issues with all the kuje entertainers then.

  2. I totally understand he might be hurt right now but he shouldn’t just classify it to everyone in the industry please, Mention the names of the people in the industry that hurt you to avoid affecting the innocent ones

    Just my POV thou

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