Man Genitalia (Private Part) stolen in Kuje FCT Abuja

Man Genitalia (Private Part) stolen in Kuje FCT Abuja

Abuja the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria has been on panic as Men now move with the caution of not loosing their manhood to unknown strangers for the purpose of money making.

It was first announced to have occurred on Friday 22nd, September, 2023 at Agwan Dodo, Gwagwalada Abuja and now happened yesterday In Kuje Tipper Garage yesterday night witnessed by a sport coach of Arena Kuje.

Furthermore; The stealing of male genitalia is now happening in Abuja, witnessed one yesterday September 24th, 2023 by evening on my way back from court here in Kuje at tipper garage; says the eyewitness.

“This guy dropped from a car he boarded from town with a fellow passenger sitting at the front with him (the said passenger is the suspect in this story), the both of them were sitting at the front sit, when the guy dropped at tipper garage, he noticed his genital was missing, he immediately held the said suspect and started shouting and crying for help, immediately people gathered and started beating the guy, i quickly left the scene with my hands in my pocket, obviously checking if I’m still a man (Lol) this seems funny but it isn’t untill it happens to you; I never believed this untill today it’s real please avoid shaking hands or interacting with strangers especially for those of us that go to town almost everyday, and please walk with your hands in your pocket or keep checking….just incase!

Stay safe!

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