Just Inn: Man Lost Genitalia (stolen manhood) in Kuje around FCMB, Abuja

Just Inn: Man Lost his penis are Kuje FCMB, Abuja. (Watch Video)

The man was in his shop when a guy came to ask him what says the time, according to him he never knew the person who asked of time but he answered the person giving the initial time of that moment.

The stranger left his shop immediately he told the person the time, then suddenly he started feeling wickness of the body and not understanding himself.

After some minutes he went to the rest room too urinate but could not feel his penis, so he had to raise alarm so his nabours could come to his rescue.

The people that were there actually could recognize the suspected mans face, and ran after him.

Finally; he was caught though tried to deny the incident but could not withstand the pressure around him so he had to return the private part to the rightful owner.

Finally; he was intercepted by the Nigerian Police Kuje Branch Headquarters.

Stay Safe…

watch live video by eyewitness

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